Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1

Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CEDW45 ACB  Intelligent Universal air circuit breaker 2500a Merlin Gerin ACB1.1 Application scopeDw45 Acb Intelligent Universal Air Circuit Breaker 2500A Merlin Gerin AcbDW45 series air circuit breaker is suitable for the circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz with rated service voltage 4

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Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE

DW45 ACB  Intelligent Universal air circuit breaker 2500a Merlin Gerin ACB

1.1 Application scope

Dw45 Acb Intelligent Universal Air Circuit Breaker 2500A Merlin Gerin Acb

DW45 series air circuit breaker is suitable for the circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz with rated service voltage 400V, 690V and rated service current up to 6300A.It is mainly used to distribute  electric energy and protect  circuits and electric equipment against  over-load, under-voltage, short-circuit and single-phase  earthing  fault.

With intelligentized  and selective protection functions,  the breaker can improve the reliability of power supply, and avoid unnecessary power failure.The breaker is applicable for power stations,  factories, mines (for 690V) and modern  high- buildings, especially for the distribution  system of intelligentized  building.

1.2 Standard:IEC/EN 60947-2.

Dw45 Acb Intelligent Universal Air Circuit Breaker 2500A Merlin Gerin Acb

 2.Operation conditions

2.1 Temperature condition:-5°C~40°C;The average value within 24h shall not exceed+35°C(special situation  excluded);

2.2 Altitude:≤2000m;

2.3 Pollution grade:Grade 3;

2.4 Air conditions:

At mounting site, relative humidity not exceed 50% at the max temperature of +40°C, higher relative humidity is

Allowable under lower temperature,

RH could be 90% at +20°C, special measures  should be

Taken to occurrence of dews;

Dw45 Acb Intelligent Universal Air Circuit Breaker 2500A Merlin Gerin Acb

2.5  Note:Without the  intelligent controller, the  breaker functions as a switch-disconnector.

1.With drawable-breaker;


3.Intelligent controller;

4.Operating mechanism;

5.Auxiliary contact;


7.Arc chute;

8.Secondary connecting part;

9.Wire-cable mechanical interlock;

10.Connecting-rod type mechanical interlock;

11.Shunt release;

12.Closing electromagnet;

13.Under-voltage release;

14.Motor-driven energy-storage mechanism;


16.Fixed plate.

Application of Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker(ACB)
SW1 (DW45) series universal Air circuit breaker(hereinafter referred to as breaker)is suitable
for the circuit of AC 50Hz with rated voltage 400V, 690V and rated current up to 6300A.
It is mainly used to distribute electric energy and protect circuits and power-supply
equipment from overload, under-voltage, short-circuit and single-phase earthing. with
intelligentized and selective protection functions, the breaker can improve the reliability
of power supply, and avoid unnecessary power failure. The breaker is applicable for
power stations, factories, mines(for 690V) and modern high-buildings, especially for the
distribution system of intelligentized building. This breaker conforms to IEC60947-2 and
GB14048.2 and CE.
Feature of Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker(ACB)
1. Rated AC current: 630A-6300A
2. Short-circuit breaking capacity: 80KA-120KA
3. Rated Voltage: under AC690V
4. Two Types: draw-out type and fixed type
5. Equipped with many types of intelligent controllers, of different functions.
6. Both the 3 Pole and 4 Pole air circuit breakers are available.
7. Standards: IEC60947-2, GB14048.2,CE.

Categories of Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker(ACB)
1. Our air circuit breaker can be of two installation types: fixed type and draw-out type
2. Number of poles: 3 pole and 4 pole
3. Operation type: manual operation, auto operation
4. Trip types: Intelligent controller, under voltage instant ( or time delay type) trip and 
   shunt trip
5. Intelligent controller categories: L type(basic type), M type( Standard type), and H type ( communication type)

Normal Working Conditions of intelligent Air Circuit Breaker(ACB)
1. The ambient temperature of our intelligent circuit breaker should be within -5°Cto +40°C. The average temperature should not be more than +35°C(except for customized designs)
2. The altitude should be below 2000M.
3. The relative humidity should not be more than 50% at +40°C, the upper temperature limit. At lower temperatures, higher humidity is allowed e.g 90%
 at 20°C. Dew that is formed during temperature variation should be eliminated, to increase its 
4. Pollution garde: class 3
5. The following have an installation grade of IV: main circuit, absent voltage release coil, power 
transformer primary coil. Other auxiliary circuits and controls have a mounting grade of III.
6. The circuit breaker should be installed according to the manual. 
The vertival tilt angle should not exceed 5 degrees.
7. if the air circuit breaker is installed in a small compartment of the switch board, 
the protection grade is up to IP40. 
If it is then fitted with a door frame, the protection grade is up to IP54.

Structure Characteristics of Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker(ACB)
1. Our intelligent air circuit breaker can be of a fixed type and draw-out type. The fixed type air circuit breaker is installed within a special drawer to become 
a draw-out type breaker. Our circuit breaker consists of a contact system, and arc-extinguishing system, operating mechanism, current transformer, intelligent controller 
and auxiliary switches, secondary plug and socket, under voltage 
and shunt releases. The draw-out type air circuit breaker has a holder that is 
made up of right and left side plates, base, beams, etc.

2. Contact system
It adopts integrated contact system, including the main contact and arc contact.
The contact is made of high quality material, 
which does not lead to high temperatures even when it is breaking short circuit current.
 The contact system is of parallel connection, which reduces the electrical-dynamic repulsion force and improves electric steadiness.
The distance between the moving and static contact is much greater than 18mm as 
it is required. This is in full compliance with safety requirements.
Note: "Trip" lock device for breaker is optional, the isolating switch is a necessary.

3. Arc-extinguishing chamber
Each pole has an arc-extinguishing chamber, 
which works to separate and isolate each electrode. 
The arc extinguishing chamber is 
enclosed within the insulating base of the intelligent air circuit breaker, 
which enforces the mechanical strength of arc extinguishing chamber wall and avoids 
breakage when it is breaking a large short circuit current.

4. Operating mechanism: manual and automatic mechanism
The operating mechanism is located at the front of the intelligent air circuit breaker. 
It adopts a five-link, trip free structure. It is available with energy storage. 
The breaker can be closed instantly. The stored energy can be released by a hand-operated button or closing electromagnet. The motor driven mechanism is integrated: 
consists of an energy storage shaft and main shaft which are connected with concave 
and convex parts. It is easy to assemble or disassemble.

5. Intelligent controller

6. Drawer holder
The drawer holder of our intelligent air circuit breaker consists of right and left guide rail 
side plates, base and cross arm. A boosting device and an indicator are fitted to the base. 
A static contact auxiliary circuit is installed at the top of the drawer holder. The bridge type 
main circuit contacts are safety separated by a plate at the front.

7. Three positions of the breaker in the drawer
--\"ON" position: Both the main circuit and the auxiliary circuit are connected. 
The separation plate is open.
--\"Test" position: the main circuit is disconnected. The separation plate is closed. 
Only the auxiliary circuit is connected. Tests can be made in this mode.
--\"OFF" position: both the main and the auxiliary circuits are disconnected. 
The safe separation plate is closed.
Installation and usage
      Installation Unload the breaker from the soleplate of package-box. if it is drawer type, firstly pull out the handle from under the drawer-base of breaker, and plug it into the hole on central section of plastic cover under the 
drawer-base crossbeam, anticlockwise turns the handle, 
breaker body will slowly slide along the outside of drawer-base. When the guide-rod points to separated position and handle can't be rotated any longer,
pull out the handle and firmly grasp the aluminum handle on drawer-base, pull out the breaker body and remove ift form drawer-base Check the insulation resistance with a 500V megger, 
resistance should not be less than 20MQ when ambient temperature is 205 and relative humidity is 50%- 70%.otherwise have it drying. Put the breaker(fixed-type) or drawer-base(drawertype) onto the installation- bracket, and make it fixed, directly connect the bus wire of main circuit to the bus wire 
of fixed-type circuit breaker, alternatively put breaker body onto the guild rail of drawer-base.
      Plug the place, then connect the bus wire of main circuit to bus wire of drawer-base. wiring the secondary circuit according to electric principle diagram. 
Note: something like bolts, nuts.gaskets shouldn't be left inside the drawer-base to avoid being blocked. Usage and operation Check the rated voltage of the 
following components whetherconforms to the power voltage or not. such as under 
voltage release, shunt releaseclosing electromagnet, motor-driven mechanism and intelligent controller Maintenance Check the
 technical index on time or and some lubricating oil., etc. This breaker structure is 
arranged vertically and modularized composition with each function=cell separated, 
which make the maintenance easy.it has compact structure, reliable operation and 
strong free maintenance capability. Please check the technical parameters on the 
nameplate accordance with the reauirements of order before installation.

1.Rated current in scope of frame current
2000 Type-in: 630A, 800A,1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A;
3200 Type-in: 2000A, 2500A, 3200A;
6300 Type-in: 4000A, 5000A, 6300A;
2.Pole number
3-default, 4-4 pole
Fixed type-horizontal, vertical
Draw out type-horizonal, vertical
Note: 2000 type have vertical wiring, others are horizontal wiring
4.Control unit
L type-protection of overload long time-delay, short circuit short time-delay, short circuit instantaneous
and function of current flash columns instruction.
M type-protection of overload long time-delay, short circuit short time-delay, short circuit instantaneous, earth fault and function of digital current display, and self-diagnosis, fault memory.
H type-protection of overload long time-delay, short circuit short time-delay, short circuit instantaneous, earth fault and function of digital current display, and self-diagnosis, fault memory and load monitoring (communication)
5.Common use accessory
Shunt release-AC230V, AC400V, DC220V
Undervoltage release-AC230V, AC400V, undervoltage instantaneous, undervoltage time-delay
Release (close) magnetic iron-AC230V, AC400V, DC220V
Electric operation mechanism-AC230V, AC400V, DC110V, DC220V
Auxiliary switch-standard type (4a4b), special type (5a5b, 6a6b)
Note: a-normal open, b-normal close
6.Optional accessory
Mechanical inter-lock:
one circuit breaker (1lock+1key)
two circuit breaker (steel cable inter-lock, connecting rod inter-lock, 2lock+1key)
three circuit breakers (3locks+2keys, connecting rod inter lock)
Automatic power transfer system
Current transformer connected with neutral lead


DW45 universal low-voltage air circuit breaker


Single-phase earthing fault protection characteristic Single-phase earthing fault means the metal-property earthing protection when fault current exceeds several hundred amperes, which is generally applied 

to direct center earthing system.When earthing fault protection is definite time-delay acting, the setting is as follows:


KNA1(DW45) -2000KNA1(DW45) -3200KNA1(DW45) -6300

3P, 4P3P, 4P3P, 4P
Using categary

Rated current In
A630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 20002000, 2500, 30004000, 5000, 6300
Rated frequency
Rated operation voltage Ue
V400  690400   690400  690
Rated insulation voltage Ui
Arcing distance
Rated impulse withstanding voltage Uimp
Rated operation short circuit 
breaking capacity Ics(O-t-CO-t-CO)
Rated limiting short circuit 
breaking capacity Icu(O-t-CO)
Rated short circuit closing capacity Icm400Vka176220264
Rated short time withstanding
current Icw(O-t-CO,AC400V 0.4s)
Operation lifeper hourTimes202010


Full breaking time
Full closing time
Power consumption3PW36012002000

Resistance of each poleFixed typeμ Ω119-

Draw out typeμ Ω201410
Dimensions(L*W*H)3P fixed typemm362*323*402422*323*402

3P draw out typemm375*461*452435*471*452

4P fixed typemm457*323*402537*323*402

4P draw out typemm470*461*452550*471*452
Approximate weight3P fixed typekg4155

3P draw out typekg7195245

4P fixed typekg51.565

4P draw out typekg86115260

Company Introduction

Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1

Wenzhou Korlen Electric Appliances Co., Ltd, It is a joint venture. My company is a manufacturer including design, development, produce and sale, professional producing MCB, MCCB, RCCB and AC contactor etc. Product enterprises. The company owns import and export power of self-run, expanding Europe and America, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc. Market, set a good Public praise.

The company have more than 1500 workers, including senior engineer among them, engineer at inside of more than 100 technician. And then set up to cover area more than 50 acres, construct area is more than 38000 square meters of the modern industrial zone, providing with the forerunner's standard laboratory and various examination equipments.

Under Korlen people to make great effort unremittingly, designed and developed by oneself, develop and produce the series of MCB, RCCB filled up local blank, attain inter-national advanced level, and acquire more than 20 national patents. The company acquires "30 strong eminent enterprises, top ten of export income, yueqing star class enterprise, attach importance to contract and keeps promise" title of honor for many times past years. Company still the initiative pass ISO 9001 management system verification and 14001 environments management system verification. Our product passed quality verification of domestic and international authority organization like the CB\ SEMKO\ NF\ SIRIM\ SNI\ CE \PCT\ TSE, In the meantime high breaking capacity breaker of our company in this city is the unique product which got " Yueqing famous brand product" by Yueqing people government.

Korlen Electric Appliances is willing to make friends with social public, the world outside businessman join hands together for prosperous society and development to build a brighter future.


Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1

Factory Lines

Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1
Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1


Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1
Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1

Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1Ezd Series MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breakers with CE Kna1

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