Fixed/ Draw out 2000A-50ka 3p Air Circuit Breaker

Gret electricGret electric Co.,Ltd is is Chinese manufacturing company headquartered in Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province with branch offices in different parts of China and abroad.It was founded in 1989 as Zhejiang Gelun Electric Company and later renamed Gret Electric Co.,Ltd by the board of directors.The company currenty owns fo

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Gret electric
Fixed/Draw out 2000A-50ka 3p Air Circuit Breaker
Gret electric Co.,Ltd is is Chinese manufacturing company headquartered in Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province with branch offices in different parts of China and abroad.It was founded in 1989 as Zhejiang Gelun Electric Company and later renamed Gret Electric Co.,Ltd by the board of directors.The company currenty owns four factories for manufacturing and one high-rise office building for R&D.Today it has more than 1000employs,among them engineers and technicians account for about 20% of total staff.
The company specializes in R&D,manufacture and sales of various distribution electrical appliances and industrial control advices.The most popular products are frame circuit breakers,molded case circuit breakers,residual current operated circuit breakers(leakage circuit breakers),dual power supply automatic transfer switchs and frequency convert etc.
Over the years,the company has passed a great number of industrial certificates,such as ISO9001 quality management system certification,ISO14001 environmental managerment system certification,and OHSAS18001 Occuptional Health and Safety Management System Certification,as well as the China Compulsory Certification(also known as 3C in short).The company has never stopped innovating since day one,leading the industry with many unique certified patents and designs.We'are focusing on our positioning along the value chain of electrification.This is where our core business lies.From power generation to power transmission,power distribution and smart grid to the efficient application of electrical energy-in every one of these interrelated fields,electrification,automation and digitalization are the key business drivers.No matter how much we grow,we always keep ourseives grounded in our deep-rooted purpose values,and principles,We've done it for over 11,000days,and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

GDW45 series intelligent universal circuit breaker is suitable for AC 50HZ,rated working voltage 400V,690V,rated current 630A-6300A in the distribution network;mainly used to distribute power and protection lines and power equipment from overload,underload,short circuit,the fault of single-phase grounding,etc the circuit breaker has a variety of intelligent protection function,which can be selectively protected,and the action is accurate,avoiding unnecessary power falture and improving the reliablity of power.
Normal Service Condition
1.The upper limit of ambient air temperature does not exceed +40ºC;the lower limits not lower-5ºC;the average value of 24h does not exceed+35ºC.
Note:The lower limit is -10ºC or -25ºC working conditions,the user must declare to the manufacturer when ordering.For operating conditions where the upper limit exceeds +40ºC
2.The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m.
3.Atmospheric condition
The relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% at ambient air temperature +40
ºC,It can have a higher relative humidity at lower temperatures. The average maximum
relative humidity of the wettest month is 90 %, and the monthly average minimum
temperature for the month is +25 ° C, and take into account the condensation on the surface
of the product due to temperature changes.
4 pollution level 3  
5 Installation category
Circuit breakers with rated working voltage below 690V are used for installation category IV;
installation category of auxiliary circuit, except for undervoltage release coil, main
transformer of power transformer is the same as main circuit of circuit breaker, auxiliary
circuit installation category when rated working voltage is 400V .

Main Technical Parameter 
1.The rated current

Shell frame current(Inm)ARated current(A)
2 The rated short-circuit breaking capacity and short-time withstand current of the circuit breaker are
shown in Table 2)
3 Intelligent controller protection performance
3.1 Type of trip unit:
With intelligent controller, under voltage transient 'or delay' action trip unit and shunt release.
3.2 Intelligent Controller Performance
a With overload long delay inverse time limit, short circuit short delay inverse time limit, short circuit short delay
time limit, short Jfã instantaneous action various functions, can be set by the user to form the required protection
b Single phase ground protection characteristics
c display function setting tears r display, action current display,
d ammeter function detects main loop current
e alarm function overload alarm,
f Self-test function: overheat protection, microcomputer self-diagnosis;
g Test function Tests the operating characteristics of the controller.
h Communication networking function (H type only)
Note User needs, with H-type controller to form a circuit breaker with communication interface. Telemetry,
remote adjustment, remote control, remote communication are carried out on the circuit breaker through
the computer within 1200m.
3.3 Overcurrent release protection characteristics.
a Controller setting Ir and error (see Table 3);
b. Long-delay overcurrent protection inverse time action characteristics (see table. Long-delay overcurrent
protection inverse time characteristic is I'TL= (1.5Ir1)'tL
c Short-delay over-current protection action characteristics, the protection of the controller is inverse time at
low multiple current, I ' T~-(8Ir1 )' ts , ts is the general delay set time, when the overload current > 81r1, can
automatically convert to the definite time characteristic, its definite time characteristic (see Table 5).

Shell frame current(A)Rated limit short circuit breaking capacity Icu(kA)Rated limit short circuit breaking capacity Ics(kA)
Rated short-time
withstand current Icw(kA)1s
6300120 100 100
Note: 50kA and below: COSφ=0.25, 65kA and below: COSφ=0.2
Note:The circuit breaker arcing distance is 0.
Long delayShort delayInstantGround fault
(0.4-1)in (Minimum 160A)(0.4-15)In+-10%(10)In-50KA
Note 1 When there are three sections of protection at the same time, the setting values can not be crossed; Table 2, Table 3, Long Delay Ir1 can be as low as 160A,
which should be explained in advance when ordering by users.
3 instantaneous setting is infinite, equivalent to instantaneous action closing symbol OFF

Table 4
I                                                  Action time
1.05Ir1                                                >2h No Action
1.3Ir1                                                <1h Action

Delay times0.
Return times0.


Fixed/Draw out 2000A-50ka 3p Air Circuit Breaker


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    A: Within 24 hours.
4. Q: I need your price list of all products, could you please send me?
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Fixed/Draw out 2000A-50ka 3p Air Circuit Breaker

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