There are 4 types of violations of the use of PLN electricity, do not get fined or imprisoned

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Source: |Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah RafieKONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA.The public is advised to use electricity properly or according to the rules.This was confirmed by PT PLN (Persero).By using electricity according to the rules, the community can avoid sanctions, both in the form of crimes and fines.In addition, customers can submit reports or complaints to PLN for handling according to the provisions.PLN's Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications and TJSL Gregorius Adi Trianto invites the public to check electricity regularly to ensure that there are no problems with electrical installations at home and at PLN's kWh meter.Likewise, checks and inspections need to be carried out by customers when they are going to rent a house or buy a house."The public can ask PLN to check the kWh meter before renting or buying a new house so as to ensure that electricity services are safe and there are no indications that violate the provisions," he said in a press release, quoted on Sunday (28/8/2022).Also Read: PLN Sub Holding in the Generating and Primary Energy Sector Formed, Here's the SchemeHe added that PLN continued to urge the public to use electricity responsibly so as not to cause inconvenience and violations in the use of electricity.The types of violations of electricity use are divided into four groups.1. Class I (PI) violationsClass I (PI) violations are violations that affect the power limit.This violation, for example, is the replacement of a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) exceeding the contract power limit with PLN.Then, make the MCB not work properly.2. Group II (P-II) violationsClass II (P-II) violations are violations that affect energy measurement.For example, the use of power-saving devices that affect the measurement.Then, tamper with or break the kWh meter seal.Also read: PLN will electrify 2 palm oil mills owned by PTPN V 3. Class III (P-III) violationsClass III (P-III) violations are violations that affect power limits and energy measurements.For example, connect directly to an installation that has a PLN customer ID and not through a kWh meter and barrier.4. Class IV (P-IV) violationsClass IV (P-IV) violations are violations committed by non-customers.For example, attaching electricity to building houses, lighting parties, or lighting the night market illegally.Gregory explained, in accordance with Law Number 30 of 2009 concerning Electricity Article 51 paragraph 3, anyone who uses electricity without rights can be punished.The threat of punishment is large, namely 7 years in prison and a maximum fine of up to IDR 2.5 billion.Also Read: Deputy Minister of BUMN: PLN Subholding Fully Operates at the End of the Year"Our officers will carry out regular checks to ensure that the electric power network, power connection, limiting and measuring devices are functioning properly so that they can provide maximum electricity supply for the community," he concluded.Just a note, for complaints, complaints, to accessing electricity services, you can go through the PLN Mobile application which already provides features that make it easy to serve customers.This article has been published on with the title "Avoid Sanctions, These are 4 Types of Violations in the Use of PLN Electricity" Author : Agustinus Rangga Respati Editor : Akhdi Martin PratamaNext up: Get ready!Here are 3 Additional Social Assistance from the Government, Liquid This WeekCheck other News and Articles on Google News